Joseph -- 'Bible Collection' Video by Turner Pictures WorldWide

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Joseph -- 'Bible Collection' Video by Turner Pictures WorldWide


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Betrayed by his brothers, he rose from the chains of slavery to the heights of power

 Joseph, a full-length feature film starring Ben Kingsley and Paul Mercurio by Turner Pictures Worldwide, is the best of their outstanding Bible Collection

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    "One of the very best Bible-based movies I've seen about one of the most amazing stories ever.  Inspiring, professional."

-- Sterling D. Allan

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Potipher's wife

Joseph -- Video JacketPaul Mercurio (Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List), playing Joseph, and Ben Kingsely (1982 Academy Award-winner, Best Actor, Gandhi), playing Potipher, deliver a powerful performance of one of the most famous and beloved stories of the Bible: the story of Joseph being sold into Egypt by his jealous brothers, rising from slave, through prison, to become the second most powerful man on earth, saving many from starvation because of his interpretation of Pharaoh's dream about the seven years of plenty followed by the seven years of famine.

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